ERP Solutions

WorkWave ServMan is a complete enterprise management solution designed specifically for the service industry. The product includes an advanced accounting system and manages virtually all aspects of a residential and/or commercial service business, including CRM, scheduling, dispatching, inventory, preventative maintenance contracts, installation projects, job costing, time logs and gross payroll, and much more. WorkWave ServMan supports multi-company and multi-location organizational structures and offers an industry-leading field mobile solution for paperless work order and quote management with store-forward technology that is not dependent on continuous Internet connectivity.

The efficiency of integrated, automated client communications via phone, text and email is also provided with WorkWave ServMan for appointment confirmations, tech profile delivery, surveys, PM scheduling reminders and many other purposes. For self-service, a web interface for clients to place and schedule service orders, monitor status, pay invoices, view service histories, renew contracts, and perform other tasks over the Internet is also available with WorkWave ServMan.


These robust solutions for mobile computing, web access and work force automation clearly distinguish WorkWave ServMan from its competitors.

Most importantly, WorkWave ServMan includes a proprietary integrated development environment (IDE) that allows the software to incorporate any client’s unique business rules and workflow requirements. Administrators can add new functionality and controls to the application without modifying the WorkWave ServMan Core. This integrated development tool is extremely robust and includes the ability of not only adding fields to existing tables, but additionally allows you to create your own user defined tables and interface with third-party applications and external ODBC data sets. You may create completely new screens, buttons and controls as well as suppress or modify existing core screens and behavior, all while maintaining the ability to upgrade your software without losing your customizations. This almost limitless adaptability is one of WorkWave ServMan’s most significant differentiators.

The ServMan ERP system comprises several integrated modules (some optional) with features including:

  • Client and Prospect CRM

  • Contract and Invoice Administration

  • Order and Quote Processing

  • Customer & Equipment-Specific Service Histories

  • Maintenance Contract Management

  • Technician Dispatch Administration

  • Automated Service Scheduling with Route Optimization

  • Capacity-based Scheduling and Resource Planning

  • Mobile Application for Technicians and Outside Sales

  • Comprehensive Inventory and Stock Management

  • Wireless Warehouse Capabilities

  • Marketing Management

  • Automated Client Communications via Phone, SMS Text and Email

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Purchasing

  • Billing

  • Integrated Credit Card and ACH Processing

  • Gross Payroll Reporting with Export Capabilities to 3rd Party Payroll Services

  • General Ledger

  • GPS Integration with Mapping

  • Client Web Interface

  • Web-based Employee Time Logging

  • Comprehensive Reporting

…and much, much more!

In fact, WorkWave ServMan has more industry-specific features than any service enterprise management system available on the market today.

WorkWave ServMan is a true single-source ERP system with its own powerful accounting system. The Gartner Group emphasizes the importance of full financial insight to a business with this conclusion from their research, “A 5 % reduction in operating costs has the same P&L impact as a 30% increase in sales”. It is critical to have true and accurate cost reporting for all aspects of the business. Without a fully integrated financial solution, order and invoice metrics are, at best, top line revenue counts with best-guess referential costing.


In addition to very robust Accounting and Material management capabilities, WorkWave ServMan offers many industry-specific automation tools and modules. WorkWave ServMan provides a full customer journey experience that includes expedited call tracking and processing with integrated phone pops and campaign tracking, speed tools for common actions to minimize call times for high volume call types, and sophisticated scheduling tools for “Capacity” and “Just in time” scheduling. Customer loyalty tracking programs are also provided to encourage repeat business from your clients. The customer journey also includes integrated campaign management with “interactive” voice, email and text messaging capabilities.

WorkWave ServMan also offers a dedicated module for managing all aspects of Preventative Maintenance. The best practice workflows inherent in the module dramatically improve efficiency and control of this key business area.

Our Job & Project tools provide full management for any size installation or remodeling project, including flexible billing methods, direct purchasing to the job, deferred revenue management, robust job cost reporting, retainage management for both AR and AP, and many other features. Unlimited warranty programs and tracking capabilities are included in WorkWave ServMan with the ability to “track and stack” multiple warranties, track cost against warranty plans, and view all warranties by system in the office or on mobile.

Batch billing and scripted reviews for mass invoice updates are provided to maximize billing efficiency. Sophisticated purchasing tools are also provided, including full multi-vendor requisitioning, multi-warehouse purchasing with full EDI capabilities for paperless purchasing and receiving, and, much, much more.

Client-based web portals are available for customer self-service with incredible “out of the box” functionality, and Business Intelligence Dashboard solutions are offered for real-time analytics and insight into your operations from any mobile device or web browser.

Our industry-leading WorkWave ServMan Mobile solution provides the competitive advantage of a paperless work order management system that accelerates your revenue cycle, improves billing accuracy and increases field technician efficiency. Unlike our competitors, WorkWave ServMan Mobile uses store-forward technology which allows your techs and salespersons to work disconnected from the internet, as a continuous signal is not required!

But more importantly, like everything else in ServMan, our architecture supports the ability to quickly adapt even these web portals and mobile solutions to continue meet your company's specific and changing environment.

The user experience in WorkWave ServMan is designed for easy access to the tools and information needed for achieving your business goals. The software supports user specific navigators for role-based smart views and workflows. Users can be automatically directed to a specific workflow based on their role.


For reporting WorkWave ServMan is fully integrated with Crystal Reports allowing full drill down to detail from financial statements, job cost reports, aging reports and others; you can drill all the way down to the specific document and transaction the feeds the report! This capability can only be found when using a fully integrated ERP! We maintain over 170 standard reports in the application. Our WorkWave ServMan University offers Crystal Reports training classes if you want to create your own custom reports, or we can develop custom reports for you per specification. Either way, custom reports automatically show up as securable in the application allowing you to control who has access!

In addition to strong Crystal reporting, WorkWave ServMan offers SQL reporting options and robust Business Intelligence Dash Boarding solutions for your organization. And just like WorkWave ServMan, because one size does NOT fit all, Dash Boards are fully customizable.

The software’s framework features robust support for 3rd party integrations, and we have standard integrations with Avalara for Sales and Use tax management, Payroll integrations with ADP, Paychex and Others, Cydne for Postal Address verification, Payzer for PCI compliant payment processing, Mailchimp, Survey Monkey and Campaign Monitor for customer journey and marketing communications, Verizon Connect for GPS tracking, and more.