Cloud Services

As the Demand for Cloud-based solutions continues to grow at a rapid pace and as more and more critical business applications move to the Cloud. Our 10X Business Transformation Specialist can help guide you thru the complicated landscape of offerings pointing you to the perfect cloud solution for your business.

IT in the Cloud

IT in the cloud or IT as a service if you will, allows business owners to get out of the IT business while focusing entirely on what they do best! When you consider the financial cost of having in house IT and IT support including:

  • Hardware and software purchase
  • Upgrades
  • Patching
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Continued learning

IT in the cloud, is a valuable tool to our transformation specialists in their objective of lowering your operational costs. The savings created, not to mention the improved quality of service to your team, can have a significant impact to the bottom-line while positioning your business for 10X Growth!


10X all-inclusive support services are available 24X7 on all our products, by our in-house team combining live access to our engineers and emergency on-call support specialists. We are fanatical about customer service! Your problem will be owned from start to finish by our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Success Engineers! Its just like having your own IT team, without the cost!