The Dark Web vs. Your Business
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The Dark Web vs. Your Business

Think of all the bad things you have heard about the Internet; illegal drugs for sale, counterfeit documents, violent activities arranged.  WHERE are these things that you have never seen?  They are on “The Dark Web.”

Most businesses give this no thought as it is unlikely that they will be checking it out. However, just because you aren’t looking at it, doesn’t mean you or your information is not on the Dark Web. So…What is the Dark Web, who started it and how do you protect your business from a potential cyber-security threat?


Origins of the Dark Web

The Dark Web began in the 1990s as a way for a government agency, the Naval Research Laboratory to hide their on-line presence and monitor Internet communications as well as gaining access to secure data without being detected. Software was developed to do this and referred to as The Onion Routing Project because of the many layers of coverage. It resulted in TOR (The Onion Router). In the 1990s and 2000s, TOR was strictly a government use project but in 2004 it was opened up to the public, giving everyone the ability to browse anonymously and without detection.



Under normal circumstances, Internet inquiries (surfing the web) can be traced due to your IP address, which is your computer’s specific address. TOR involves using a web browser that changes your IP address, moving it from location to location, disguising its origin. This very effectively hides your activity from view. This is accomplished by individuals around the world allowing their Internet devices to be used for different IP addresses.


Business Risk from TOR

TOR can be a good thing by protecting people from exposure by offering identity protection to journalists or whistleblowers. But it can also protect criminals and TOR protects a great many of them.  Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing crimes today and The Onion Router makes it much easier to develop. You do not want any of your business information appearing on the Dark Web.


The Dark Web is a virtual training ground for cybercriminals where they learn how to steal vital information. Individual users are susceptible to this crime but businesses are where the money is. If it is just as easy to steal from a business as it is to steal from an individual, it is obvious that the business is the place to hit. TOR can open up your files to provide customer information, credit card data, access codes, passwords, gift card information, etc.  Having access to this information can be very beneficial to a cybercriminal but the REAL benefit comes from their ability to SELL this information to other criminals. And that is where they can make real money.  There are a lot of people around the world waiting to buy your business data.


Protecting Business From The Dark Web

There are basically two ways to protect your business from The Dark Web; developing a strong set of cyber privacy protocols by using a reliable IT company that is well versed in cybersecurity or by monitoring the Dark Web yourself where you can be notified if any of your information appears. Knowing how to interpret the data that is found is not always an easy process, which is why one of the best solutions is to hire an IT company that has experience in cybersecurity. Without the correct preventative measures, your business is left in a very vulnerable position!  

The Dark Web is primarily now a home for criminals intent on stealing your business information. We all need to be aware of the potential dangers and take the appropriate precautions.

Have cyber-security concerns at your place of business? Contact one of our knowledgable team members at 10X by calling 704-931-1056 or email - Sales@10xcg.com.


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