10X Consulting Group Selected as Finalist for 2020 NC TECH Awards

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Charlotte, N.C. (October 15th, 2020) – 10X Consulting Group has been selected as a finalist for the NC TECH Awards Digital Transformation award. The NC Tech Awards is North Carolina's only statewide technology awards program that recognizes innovation, growth, and leadership in the tech sector and is presented by the NC TECH (North Carolina Technology Association).

The Dark Web vs. Your Business

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Think of all the bad things you have heard about the Internet; illegal drugs for sale, counterfeit documents, violent activities arranged.  WHERE are these things that you have never seen?  They are on “The Dark Web.”

Most businesses give this no thought as it is unlikely that they will be checking it out. However, just because you aren’t looking at it, doesn’t mean you or your information is not on the Dark Web. So…What is the Dark Web, who started it and how do you protect your business from a potential cyber-security threat?

Companies Working Remotely During COVID-19

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The government’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) in the US and worldwide has affected many companies who are now (or will be) required to have their employees work from home. If this hasn’t spread to your company, it is just a matter of time at this point. Whether we call it social-distancing or shelter in place, it is a major change for many employers.