4 Ways to Improve Your Business through PBX

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When a business is small, having one or two phone lines can be easily managed. But adding even two or three more lines can get complicated quickly, especially for customers. Every business wants to grow but needs to have the right telecom in place to ensure all departments are running smoothly. 

3 Ways Telecommunications Can Benefit Your Business

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‚ÄčThe world is more connected than ever before. You can be reached virtually at any time in any place in a multitude of ways: by cell phone, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, Email, Skype...the list goes on. As Millennials begin to buy homes and climb the ladder of the workforce, landlines are becoming a thing of the past. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018, more than half of US households didn’t have landlines at all and totally rely on cell service. 


What the heck is The Cloud, anyway?

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You’ve heard the word in conversation before-the cloud-and you’ve nodded along like you knew exactly what it was. While it’s used regularly in tech marketing, and while we all use it whether we know it or not, the term ‘the cloud’ is still a mystery to many.

Why Inclusivity is no longer an option in the workplace

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Being an inclusive company simply means not discriminating against a customer, vendor, employee or potential hire based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion or nationality. More so, it means that you support all your employees in whichever way they live their lives, and make sure your entire team does as well. When companies aren’t inclusive, it shows, and can easily be weaponized against them.

Do you know the cost of intolerance? It’s a high price.