WORKWAVE Route Planning Software

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WORKWAVE – Route Planning Software

A Must-Have for Employees In The Field

WHO needs Route Planning Software (RPS)?  YOU do if you have vehicles on the road making multiple stops during the day. RPS allows dispatchers and route managers to create routes in advance effectively and efficiently while also including the ability to modify the routes in real-time when necessary. RPS will increase productivity and improve on-time reliability, enhancing customer service, and saving you money.  

Videoconferencing Solutions For Your Business During COVID-19

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In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all seen major changes in the way we approach our daily work. Some of us are back in the office, social distancing, wearing masks, and using gallons of hand sanitizer. However many people are still working remotely from home and maybe doing so for the foreseeable future. Missing the face-to-face interactions of co-workers and clients can be a major issue in some parts of our work life. Thankfully, technology has kept pace with the issue and cloud-based communications services have progressed to the point where they are fully usable daily.

The Dark Web vs. Your Business

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Think of all the bad things you have heard about the Internet; illegal drugs for sale, counterfeit documents, violent activities arranged.  WHERE are these things that you have never seen?  They are on “The Dark Web.”

Most businesses give this no thought as it is unlikely that they will be checking it out. However, just because you aren’t looking at it, doesn’t mean you or your information is not on the Dark Web. So…What is the Dark Web, who started it and how do you protect your business from a potential cyber-security threat?

IT Solutions For Small Businesses

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Many small businesses report that technology and changes in technology are one of their biggest challenges. Small businesses need to concentrate on developing their business and not worry about the Information Technology (IT) end.  When technology doesn’t seem to be a major part of your business, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and set aside automated procedures that could save you time, effort, and money. Employee productivity can be increased as well as providing an easier expansion of your customer base. Understanding what IT services or applications are available and how they can benefit the smaller business is not always easy to determine. Here are some areas to consider.