Creating A Business Data Breach Protocol

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If you find yourself a target of a data breach hack, it is imperative that you stay calm and not rush into a hastily produced patch in your security software.  Prepare a response plan prior to re-engaging “business as usual.”  Notify your clients so that they can take appropriate action and follow the laws in your state to ensure that you do not create legal problems and penalties. At this point, work with your security software and forensic experts to determine what happened and how to fix the issue.

How To Protect Your Business Against Social Engineering

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Social engineering in its former meaning was related to social planning and determining ways to produce planned changes to society by helping people make positive changes in behavior.  Unfortunately, with the progress of technology, social engineering has taken on a vastly different meaning.  Social engineering now has come to refer to the use of a variety of malicious activities accomplished through human contact. It involves the subtle psychological manipulation of computer users getting them to give away sensitive information or breach security protocols.