What Are The Risks of Connecting to Public WiFi?

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Public WiFi can be a convenience for numerous reasons. From connecting your cell phone to your laptop while traveling, public WiFi provides the flexibility to work remotely or browse the web without using your data, and also allows for faster internet connection while on the go. But the convenience of public WiFi comes with its own risks. Continue reading to help you determine if the risks outweigh the convenience. 

What Is the Difference Between Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage?

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What Is the Difference Between the Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage?

Cloud Computing includes running software over the internet, and cloud storage includes storing data on servers that are online. This allows the data to be accessible over the internet as opposed to requiring the data to be accessed through a physical business location.

Cloud storage saves data & files to an external non-physical location. Cloud storage ensures a company’s data is kept secure and readily available in case onsite data is compromised by an unanticipated situation, like a flood, fire, or water damage. A cyber-attack or other threat can also be prevented using a secure cloud storage solution. 


5 Items Your Business Should Review Regarding Cybersecurity

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Every company and individual using technology is at risk of a cyberattack. 

Cybersecurity is more important than ever due to the fact that our world has increased usage of technology to conduct day-to-day transactions, as well as increased the amount of sensitive and confidential information that is delivered via online methods such as email. Taking the proper steps of reviewing existing protocols and adding additional security features if needed is beneficial for protection against cyberattacks, data breaches, and unauthorized user access. 

Creating A Business Data Breach Protocol

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If you find yourself a target of a data breach hack, it is imperative that you stay calm and not rush into a hastily produced patch in your security software.  Prepare a response plan prior to re-engaging “business as usual.”  Notify your clients so that they can take appropriate action and follow the laws in your state to ensure that you do not create legal problems and penalties. At this point, work with your security software and forensic experts to determine what happened and how to fix the issue.