How To Protect Your Business Against Social Engineering

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Social engineering in its former meaning was related to social planning and determining ways to produce planned changes to society by helping people make positive changes in behavior.  Unfortunately, with the progress of technology, social engineering has taken on a vastly different meaning.  Social engineering now has come to refer to the use of a variety of malicious activities accomplished through human contact. It involves the subtle psychological manipulation of computer users getting them to give away sensitive information or breach security protocols.

Protect Your Business Against Invoice Manipulation

How to Protect Your Business Against Invoice Manipulation

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One of the most recent threats to corporations is a targeted business scam known as Invoice Manipulation.  Cyber thieves, known as hackers, are increasing their attacks on businesses every day. Invoice manipulation is where an employee of the company is tricked into voluntarily parting with money, products, services, or goods.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)?

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a supervisory level software program that can be used to organize and manage many daily functions in an organization. These processes can include operations as diverse as project management, accounting, materials procurement, risk management, and compliance, and even supply chain enhancements. Full-service ERP suites may also include performance management software that can help plan and budget, and prepare financial reports.

Paying Ransomware Demands May Cost You

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As if the challenges of COVID-19 weren’t enough, Ransomware has become an increasing threat to business in 2020. (see our January 2020 blog). NOT paying a ransom to regain access to your files has always been the recommended option, providing all precautions have been taken to backup critical information. A new incentive has now been put in place by the Federal Government to discourage the paying of the ransom. Many of these ransomware hackers are not simply individuals looking for a quick buck but are well-established criminal organizations in countries regarded as enemies of the Western World or the United States.