Why Inclusivity is no longer an option in the workplace

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Being an inclusive company simply means not discriminating against a customer, vendor, employee or potential hire based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion or nationality. More so, it means that you support all your employees in whichever way they live their lives, and make sure your entire team does as well. When companies aren’t inclusive, it shows, and can easily be weaponized against them.

Do you know the cost of intolerance? It’s a high price.

5 Signs Your Business Need a Tech Upgrade

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Every business starts small, using simple technology that gets them through their day-to-day operations. But as a business grows, the need for upgraded technology also grows if things are to run as efficiently as possible.

And while growth is a very good thing, growth can also lead to some unforeseen challenges where technology is concerned. Suddenly, business operations aren’t as easy as they used to be, and you begin to wonder what can be done to make it not only run more smoothly, but also give your company a cutting edge.

Data Centers: Why They Matter to Your Businesses’ Success

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Most of us don’t give a second thought to where or how our information is stored, even though most of our personal critical data is kept online. It’s only until there’s a breach in security (cue the Target customer data theft of 2013) that people get scared and wonder about just how their lives can be impacted by being so closely tied to the grid.