What Are The Risks of Connecting to Public WiFi?

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Public WiFi can be a convenience for numerous reasons. From connecting your cell phone to your laptop while traveling, public WiFi provides the flexibility to work remotely or browse the web without using your data, and also allows for faster internet connection while on the go. But the convenience of public WiFi comes with its own risks. Continue reading to help you determine if the risks outweigh the convenience. 

Vishing and Smishing | Is Your Company At Risk Of These Social Engineering Techniques?

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Voice phishing aka Vishing: is a social engineering technique that cyber criminals use in which they call the victim and trick them into disclosing their private information. They may also convince the victim to give the hacker remote access to their device.

SMS phishing aka Smishing: is similar to vishing but instead of phone calls, the cyber attacker uses SMS or text messaging to get access to the victim's personal data on their smartphone or text-capable device.

What Is the Difference Between Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage?

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What Is the Difference Between the Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage?

Cloud Computing includes running software over the internet, and cloud storage includes storing data on servers that are online. This allows the data to be accessible over the internet as opposed to requiring the data to be accessed through a physical business location.

Cloud storage saves data & files to an external non-physical location. Cloud storage ensures a company’s data is kept secure and readily available in case onsite data is compromised by an unanticipated situation, like a flood, fire, or water damage. A cyber-attack or other threat can also be prevented using a secure cloud storage solution. 


What Is Zero-Click Malware?

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In the past few years, zero-click attacks have become more rampant than ever before. Zero-click attacks, as the name suggests, are phishing scams that don’t require any action from the victim. This means that even the most experienced internet users can fall victim to these cyberattacks.

Zero-click attacks use sophisticated tricks and are highly targeted. The attacks are 10X riskier than the normal cyberattacks and can have severe consequences without the affected person even realizing it. It requires extra vigilance and anti-cyber attack technology to detect and thwart zero-click malware attacks.

How Can A Managed IT Service Be Beneficial To Your Business?

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A managed IT service provider can be a tremendous asset to your business. Not only will it provide you with much-needed tech expertise, but it will also make sure that all of your IT needs are met. Many business owners have been burned by hiring unqualified technicians in the past. A managed IT service provider can offer a wider range of services that can help your business stay afloat and thrive.