How To Reduce Background Noise During Video and Voice Calls Using AI Technology
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How To Reduce Background Noise During Video and Voice Calls Using AI Technology

When you’re working from a controlled environment like an office, it tends to be easier to suppress the background noise from co-workers, etc. However, for hybrid and work-from-home employees, there are other factors that come into play. For example, a remote employee that has a laptop and decides to go to a coffee shop to work, or is traveling for work and waiting at an airport, but then receives a call from an important client. The options are to miss the call and run back to their car or office (if either of those options are available), or take it from their current location with the risk of not being able to hear the client, or sounding very unprofessional with potential music and chattering in the background.

While many professionals have been more understanding of background noises due to the passing pandemic and the rise of work-from-home and hybrid employees, it still doesn’t provide a good experience to have too much background noise when on a call. So how can a company help their employees whether in or out of the office reduce the amount of noise from their calls? 

The Solution

Our partners at RingCentral use AI technology that helps reduce and sometimes completely eliminate background noises from their voice and video calls. This built-in technology can be a game changer for companies, and allow their employees freedom to be able to take calls from the location of their choosing without compromising the quality of the call and the integrity of the company. 

Their noise-reducing technology filters out unwanted background sounds and can be set to always be on, but can also be set up so that employees can turn on the feature when they need it.

Benefits of this noise-reducing technology include: 

  • Cancels out background noises including pet sounds, landscapers, music, etc.
  • Helps remove people that are not part of the conversation from being heard
  • Removes reverberation from being in empty, unfurnished, or lightly furnished space

The other great feature is that this technology not only works on laptops and desktop computers, but it also works on mobile devices! On the RingCentral app, employees can turn on the advanced background noise filtering option. No more worries of a car driving by, a baby crying, a cat meowing, or other distracting unwanted noises in the background of your employees’ business calls. 

Ready to get started or have questions about implementing a VoIP phone system in your business? Contact our team of IT professionals at 10X. We will set you up with the most advanced technology, ensuring your team has the tools they need, saving you time and money.

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