What Is the Difference Between Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage?
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What Is the Difference Between Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Computing?

According to PC Magazine, for it to be considered "cloud computing," you need to access your data or your programs over the internet, or at the very least, have that data synced with other information over the web. In a big business, you may know all there is to know about what's on the other side of the connection; as an individual user, you may never have any idea what kind of massive data processing is happening on the other end in a data center that uses more power in a day than an entire company uses in a year. The end result is the same: With an internet connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere, anytime.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage saves data & files to an external non-physical location. Cloud storage ensures a company’s data is kept secure and readily available in case onsite data is compromised by an unanticipated situation, like a flood, fire, or water damage. A cyber-attack or other threat can also be prevented using a secure cloud storage solution. 

What Is the Difference Between the Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage?

Cloud Computing includes running software over the internet, and cloud storage includes storing data on servers that are online. This allows the data to be accessible over the internet as opposed to requiring the data to be accessed through a physical business location.

Cloud storage stores data on the Internet through a cloud computing provider. It’s delivered on demand with just-in-time capacity and costs, and eliminates buying and managing your own data storage. This gives businesses the ability to have access to their data anytime and anywhere, safely.

Why Use Cloud Data Storage Solutions

Just as every business will have its own security policies, guidelines, and procedures that are used to protect the company, computer systems and data of the company should also be protected, secured, and updated regularly.

Utilizing cloud storage and cloud security solutions can provide several advantages for companies including:

- The Cloud is more secure than on-site data storage.

- Data encryption

- Protection against hackers

- Malware Protection

- Saves company time and money

Cloud Security Plan

When developing a cloud security plan an important task is setting a workable security goal. Most companies today have little clue what they will need if they are hit by a cyberattack, which makes the design of their plan vitally important.

Another consideration when setting up a cloud security plan for a business is setting up a system that provides the best protection of your company's data.

Like regular company security measures, cloud security measures and policies should be evaluated regularly to ensure they meet the ever-changing needs of the business and technology. This is where our team of experienced advisors at 10X can place the proper Cloud-based solutions at your place of business. When setting up a new cloud storage service, we also provide solution testing and education.

For a consultation and evaluation of your current cloud data storage and data security measures please call us at 704-931-1056 or email sales@10xcg.com


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