10X Consulting Services Available for Your Business
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10X Consulting Services Available for Your Business

Here at 10X Consulting Group, we specialize in everything IT to better your business growth. Big or small, we are here for your company’s needs. Our workflow consultants and specialists are here to make your business automate, grow, and operate fluidly to increase revenue and productivity. We offer a plethora of services for you and your company.


  1. Penetration Testing (https://pentest.10xcg.com/)
  2. ERP Solutions (https://www.10xcg.com/Services/ERP-Solutions)
  3. Consulting Services (https://www.10xcg.com/Services/Consulting-Services)
  4. VOIP Systems (https://www.10xcg.com/Services/VOIP-Systems)
  5. Cloud Services (https://www.10xcg.com/Services/Cloud-Services)
  6. Data Center Solutions (https://www.10xcg.com/Services/Data-Center-Solutions)
  7. Custom Software (https://www.10xcg.com/Services/Custom-Software)


Penetration Testing 

With our penetration testing we are able to determine what are your business's cybersecurity vulnerabilities and form a plan of action. The test takes approximately 24 hours, and we provide a full analysis with the results and recommendations within three business days.

Learn more here —> https://www.10xcg.com/Blog/ArtMID/441/ArticleID/37/Learn-About-Our-Latest-Offering-Penetration-Testing

ERP Solutions

ERP, better known as Enterprise Resource Planning, manages your business and company’s everyday affairs such as manufacturing, financials, inventory, payroll, and many other activities. At 10X Consulting Services, we build a roadmap and blueprint to analyze your company's needs and tracking to better fit your demands.

Consulting Services

Our consultants are here for you to organize, plan and streamline your operations and automations. We offer workflow consulting, mobile workforce, financial management, and technology/IT. We analyze your business process by decreasing redundancies and efficiently increasing productivity and reliability. We offer real-time analytics and reporting as well as IT and project management; connecting your business to our state-of-the-art network servers and storage.

VOIP Systems

Our Voice Over IP (IP Telephony) systems are here to offer you fast and reliable software-based systems, designed to give you a cost-effective, reliable telecommunications as well as offering your business mobility features, call center dashboards, and business intelligence solutions.

Cloud Services

At 10X Consulting Group, our team can provide your business with on-demand cloud-based solutions right at your company’s fingertips. Our cloud solutions provide an affordable application to connect your company's software, email, documents all in one convenient place, without the need for internal infrastructure, hardware, and employees, thus driving down your overall IT cost. 

Data Center Solutions 

Our hardware engineers and networking experts are here to help design and maintain your company's network with high speed and top-of-the-line security. At 10X Consulting group, we provide your business with redundant data storage for worry-free backup and recovery of your data.

Custom Software

As your company grows and changes, our applications are fully modular to allow for an easy and ergonomic transition for enhanced productivity and specifications for your company and clients.

Allow our team of experts at 10X Consulting Group help you in developing a secure system with planned backup strategies to avoid cyberattacks, protect your company data and save you time, money and headaches!

Call 704-931-1056 or e-mail Sales@10xcg.com


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