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There are many security threats that companies will face in 2022 and here we will discuss some of the top 10 cybersecurity threats that companies will be challenged with over the next year.

1) Cyber-espionage:
With governments and organizations constantly collecting data on both individuals and large groups of people, the threat of cyber espionage will continue to rise. As we move towards a more technology-based society, our reliance on web applications is increasing exponentially, opening new doors for hackers looking to profit from stolen information through identity theft or blackmail.

2) Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Technology with the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, hackers, will begin to use these technologies to launch more complex attacks. Developers are using ML/AI to create new cyber-attacks that can adapt to various vulnerabilities with each use—increasing their attack potentials exponentially. As machine learning becomes more advanced, hackers will have the ability to launch automated attacks that can bypass security systems that are currently in place. 

3) IoT Cyber-attacks:
With the launch of new IoT devices on IT Solutions every day, security has become an increasingly complex challenge. With more and more people using technology to automate their homes or office spaces—hackers will look towards these systems to infiltrate networks for their purposes. Hackers can gain access through unsecured WiFi connections on smart devices or vulnerabilities in your IoT devices themselves.

4) Data Breaches:
With the increasing amount of data collected on individuals, it's essential to protect this information at all costs. Cybercriminals are always looking for ways to access large volumes of sensitive data—which they can then use or sell through various marketplaces online. Data breaches will continue to be an issue as more and more people use technology to store their information.

5) Mobile Security:
Mobile devices are increasingly being used for various purposes, including making purchases and storing sensitive information. To ensure your business's data remains safe, you must be sure that your company's mobile devices are protected from outside threats.

6) Data Loss:
Another threat that companies face is data loss. As technology becomes more complex and more employees work from home than ever before, companies need to find new ways to store their information safely.

7) Phishing
As companies continue to increase their security measures, hackers will begin looking towards the weakest link in the chain—the human being. When this comes to data breaches, phishing has been growing more and more popular as a way for cybercriminals to gain access to networks. To protect yourself from phishing, you need to be aware of hackers' methods to gain your confidence. For example—an email may look as though it's coming directly from a company you trust, but it's actually a scammer trying to access your information by directing you towards a malicious website/application. Be extra vigilant, and triple-check the sender's e-mail address before opening.

8) Mobile Banking:
As mobile banking becomes more & more popular, hackers will look for new ways to exploit people looking towards making transactions on their smartphones through threat monitoring. With the increase of sophisticated cyber-attacks out there—it's essential that you do your research before downloading any applications (or connecting through WiFi) to ensure its' authenticity. A good rule of thumb: If it looks suspicious, do not download it!

9) Identity Theft:
Identity theft is always a significant concern as hackers seek to gain further access by using passwords or stealing sensitive data through identity cards/documents. With this in mind—you should be sure that you're always using strong passwords (with numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols) which are completely different from your username. 

10) Cryptojacking:
Cryptojacking is a growing threat as hackers begin to look for new ways of stealing online. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular—which means that cybercriminals will be vigilant in looking for ways to penetrate this space. 

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated as hackers learn from previous attacks—which means companies must always be aware of what threats could arise in the future. If they don't update their security measures regularly, they'll leave themselves vulnerable to these top ten cybersecurity threats and more.


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