5 Tech Challenges Companies Are Facing In The Last Quarter of 2021
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5 Tech Challenges Companies Are Facing In The Last Quarter of 2021

2020 tested many companies that needed to pivot quickly to a remote work setting. Now as we are in the last quarter of 2021 those hiccups that arose in the beginning quickly are becoming less and less as employees and employers master how to use the existing and new technology to allow for this type of flexibility.

On the downside, as more and more workers went remote, and continue to work remotely, this opens up a lot of potential opportunities for cyberattacks. No company is immune to the threat of an attack, even the government is at risk to hackers! Many spend their days just trying to break into servers, steal data, and demand ransoms.

Here are the 5 tech challenges companies are still facing today:

1. Cybersecurity Attacks - Cybersecurity attacks are unfortunately way too common these days. A cyberattack happens when a malicious individual(s) attempts to break into company servers and steal confidential personal and/financial data, or other types of information they are seeking to get their hands on. This can be for a number of different reasons, typically for financial gain such as using the data as a bargaining chip to demand ransom in exchange for the information back. This type of attack is called Ransomware - (learn more about ransomware by reading our blog here ---> (https://www.10xcg.com/Blog/ArtMID/441/ArticleID/14/How-Can-My-Business-Reduce-the-Risk-of-Ransomware

2. Data Breaches - A data breach happens when company data has been extracted by hackers from USB drives, laptops, cell phones, e-mail, and more. A data breach can also occur simply by sending an email with confidential information to the incorrect address. The majority of data breaches happen due to a lack of security, weak passwords, and unsecured networks (Read our blog about how to set up a business data breach protocol - https://www.10xcg.com/Blog/ArtMID/441/ArticleID/33/Creating-A-Business-Data-Breach-Protocol).

3. Disaster Recovery - A disaster can include everything from civil unrest, a weather emergency, power outage, a shift in the market, a global pandemic, etc. Having a disaster recovery plan is crucial for every business to ensure that they are able to get back to business as usual as soon as possible after the events have transpired.

4. Remote Work Safety - in the past year and a half, the world had to quickly pivot to a work-from-home environment. At the very beginning of this time frame, many businesses that were unprepared to do this struggled immensely, and so did employees. Both dealt with frustrations with the lack of technology or knowledge of how to utilize remote tools. Now that we are further along, and new tools, technology, and advancements in remote work security software are available, makes it a bit easier to transition from an in-office position to a remote position or a work-from-home situation.

5. Malware - Malware is a type of cyberattack that includes the use of viruses and spyware to get access to confidential company data. Hackers do this by sending a corrupted link to a staff member's email, which when clicked installs malicious software. This software in turn will provide the hacker with information saved to the hard drive of the laptop, desktop, cell phone etc. It can also make the system inoperable and the data no longer accessible. 

Allow our team of experts at 10X Consulting Group help you in developing a secure system with planned backup strategies to avoid cyberattacks, protect your company data and save you time, money and headaches!

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