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Meet 10X Partner – 8x8

10X Consulting Group is a broad-based provider of numerous technical services. As part of our extensive business of providing highly skilled tech services, 10X has partnered with a variety of software and development companies.  8x8, Inc. is one of our preferred partners in the field of communications.

8x8 Inc. is an American-based provider of Voice over IP products such as cloud-based voice, unified communications, contact centers, and video and mobile communication platforms for businesses.

Our Partners 8X8 Mission Statement

While transforming business communications, 8x8 is a leading “Software-as-a-Service” provider of all types of business communications.  Their global cloud communications platform integrates contact centers, video, chat, and enterprise-class API (Application Programming Interface) solutions. 8x8’s platform allows employees globally to interconnect with individuals and team members so they can work together and faster.

The goal at 8x8 is to accelerate businesses communications and at the same time be mindful of the impact they have on all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, and fellow citizens. 8X8’s goal is to foster an environment that emphasizes diversity and creativity but is also financially responsible to all concerned.

Corporate Culture 

The cultural diversity of 8x8’s workforce enhances their day-to-day activities. People from diverse cultures bring new ways of thinking, unique language skills, and new creative solutions to bolster global negotiating skills. Thanks to this cultural variety, 8x8 is a truly interesting place to work.


8x8 enables an organization to interconnect individual employees as well as all team members so they can communicate faster and work together from any global location. As The Washington Post recently cited “the fastest-growing commute is no commute at all.” Working remotely from co-workers has become as simple as talking over a cubicle wall.

8x8’s X Series cloud communications platform attains huge economies of scale by delivering communications services to thousands of business customers from a single cloud server maintained by 8x8 at a single location.

Eliminating the physical need for legacy equipment allows their customers to communicate using smart mobile devices already being used. 8x8’s platform creates less need for workspace and lower power bills for businesses that maintain physical office facilities.

Transforming Business Communications

8x8’s cloud solutions provide businesses with a single system to combine voice and video meetings, chat sessions, team messaging, and contact centers in an integrated application. One of 8x8’s strong suits is that it enables organizations to combine all communications from anywhere using any device. No localized equipment is necessary which means no local maintenance costs, fewer service providers, equipment vendors, and fewer apps to manage. This makes life simpler and lets you concentrate on YOUR business rather than communications. The result is lower cost to your business.

Why Choose our Partner 8x8?

The increasingly global nature of everyone’s business means that a single communications platform is necessary. One that combines all aspects of interactive communication with team members, as well as corporate customers, becomes imperative. No matter where in the world staff members are located, personal communication can be enhanced through the use of local phone numbers.

8x8 has over 1 million users that depend on 8x8 to assist their diverse staff to work together and please their customers, from anywhere in the world. 8x8 can protect your business by using the highest levels of data security and privacy. This is verified by 3rd party security and compliance certifications.

8x8’s customers benefit from an easily implementable solution that needs minimal management interaction and is scalable to your size business. Customers benefit by growing their customer base and increasing profits by generating new revenue streams.

Let our team at 10X Consulting Group connect you with our partners at 8x8 to develop a comprehensive communication platform to allow your worldwide network of staff members to present a cohesive offering of communications services.

Get in touch with a team member at 704-931-1056 or visit us online at https://www.10xcg.com/ and let us help you analyze your communication platform to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit at the best cost.

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