What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)?
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What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)?

What is ERP and How Can it Help You?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a supervisory level software program that can be used to organize and manage many daily functions in an organization. These processes can include operations as diverse as project management, accounting, materials procurement, risk management, and compliance, and even supply chain enhancements. Full-service ERP suites may also include performance management software that can help plan and budget, and prepare financial reports.

In the past, businesses had various accounting, finance, or HR processes but the software systems they had often worked separately and didn’t communicate with each other. Modern ERP software is different in that it brings the various processes together to integrate and create one flexible system. Current solutions also permit departments to see what the others are doing. This results in scenarios such as accounting and HR easily interacting with sales and customer solutions.

ERP systems can coordinate and integrate numerous aspects of an organization, eliminating the need for multiple standalone databases.  This allows the flow of data from diverse areas of the corporation to effectively pass between them without confusing translation programs.  By aggregating data from multiple departments, everyone can be using the same data whenever necessary, eliminating duplication and ensuring data integrity. ERP systems are a major part of managing businesses of all sizes and in most industries. ERP is a necessary part of operating in today’s business environment.


Basics of ERP

ERP suites are set up using a single data structure designed using a singular database. This ensures that all information within the organization is standardized and based on common information. This information is then shared throughout the organization using the many processes and departments including finance, engineering, human resources, and operations. ERP integrates processes, people, and technologies necessary in a modern business. Connecting the numerous systems is a key part of running an efficient and cost-effective business.

The primary focus of an effective ERP system is the centralized collection of data for organization-wide usage. Instead of numerous standalone databases with multiple disconnected spreadsheets, ERP systems standardize data for all users.  From the CEO down to analysts and accounting clerks can create, store, and use the same data created using common processes. The use of a centralized, secure database ensures that everyone in the organization can be confident that data is complete, correct, and current. In this way, all users can be confident that the integrity of the data is solid and not based on a variety of spreadsheets that can have built-in errors.


10X Consulting Group is a major player in the field of ERP, offering WorkWave ServMan solutions for different levels of organizations. WorkWave ServMan is ERP software that’s designed specifically for service businesses. ServMan is built to meet your unique current demands and is expandable as your business expands. ServMan has both desktop and mobile applications, giving infinite flexibility to meet your needs.

WorkWave ServMan Can Increase Revenue And Efficiency

  • Proprietary integrated development environment fits unique workflows
  • Expand  functions and controls without modifying the ServMan Core
  • Full insight and reporting of financials, inventory, and job cost estimates.
  • Generate specific user-defined tables that can interface with third-party apps


Visit 10X Consulting Group today and see how we can work with your firm in establishing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Or contact a team member by calling 704-931-1056.


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