About Us

10X Consulting Group is a full-service IT consulting company that specializes in ERP Solutions for medium to large companies in the HVAC and other service based businesses. We help customers of all sizes focus on growing their core business and not on IT and IT related issues. We do this by offering options to having your own internal IT teams and equipment. Our two Charlotte based data centers allow customers to out-source all IT tasks including servers, infrastructure, network and even IP Telephony without having to own and operate these assets or having to hire fulltime staff to build or manage them. We also offer unlimited technical support for all users as well as website design and hosting giving them 24x7 access and protection of their most important assets.

Of course, we offer our customers who have significant investments in IT assets options as well by offering hardware and software from all major brands as well as network support, Internet services and a complete line of IP telephony products and services. We empower our customers to utilize technology to automate repetitive tasks while eliminating unnecessary duplication in our customers’ daily operations. To accomplish this, we use tools and products provided by our numerous “best of breed” partners and relationships as well as best practices that go back many years.

The cornerstone of our success is our leadership team. This team of passionate individuals represents decades of combined IT experience in the hardware and software marketplace. Having been successful in several disparate industries our leaders bring a very diverse sampling of hands on industry experience. These seasoned professionals have provided consulting services to business’s large and small in a large cross-section of vertical markets with a specialization on service-based businesses. Whether it’s in the data center or in the field for customer facing personnel our team can recommend design and deliver workflow automation tools that will separate these companies from their competition and position them for growth.

10X specialist can help you implement workflow automation to lower operating costs and improve efficiency, while increasing productivity, accountability, and employee morale. Our business transformation specialists include workflow consultants, financial consultants, software designers and engineers, web developers, IP telephony designers and installers, and data center specialists offering comprehensive end-to-end enterprise solutions. That allows our customers to increase profits by lowering operational costs.

All 10X products and services are designed to help automate your business, increase revenue and, most importantly, lower your operational costs.